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how we work


How We Work

  Our focus is on delivering value.  We've seen clients spend six-figure monthly retainers and have little to show for it.  By delivering help only when and where you need it - and on your terms, whether on retainer or project or hourly basis - you avoid the commitment and effort of hiring more employees as well as the costs of a stand-by agency, resting on their laurels.

Whether you only need one person or an entire team, you have the knowledge and resources of all our strategists and partners at your disposal, tapping into a broad network of diverse experiences and strengths.

Our "virtual" infrastructure eliminates overhead costs — such as trendy office space, flashy cars and administrative expenses.  The net result is we can focus all our resources and expertise on you.

As a virtual firm, we use technology to enable 24/7 communications — working with you by email, phone, instant messaging, mobile, fax or however else you prefer.  We typically interact with clients on a daily basis so that you are always in the loop.

When the project is over, we leave you alone until you want us back.