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speaker coaching


Fast companies can't avoid the media radar.  But most executives — like most of us — typically aren't natural spokespeople.  The wrong turn of phrase or answer can alienate thousands or millions of viewers or readers, causing your hard-won interview to slip away or worse.

Our research has shown that executives tend to enter briefings unprepared.  Some are overconfident; others err on the side of full disclosure and volunteer dirty laundry or can't wait to pre-announce news.  Others look at the press as adversaries and become defensive, burning bridges instead of controlling the interview.

Taking a scientific approach, we can help you identify and fill in any critical areas of improvement so that your interviews don't become crises you need to manage.  Our services include:

Media coaching

  • Tips & tricks in dealing with media and analysts
  • Be prepared - the right quote can make or break you
  • Practice interviews

Speaker coaching

  • Teaches techies how to sell and communicate
  • The art of the presentation
  • Public speaking best-practices